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mainFix source code link in HTTP/geminiBrian Picciano5 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daysFix source code link in HTTP/geminiHEADmainBrian Picciano
5 daysGet rid of most of preprocess funcs, only Image leftover for convenienceBrian Picciano
6 daysReplace all URL rendering within templates by a URLConstructorBrian Picciano
6 daysRemove most custom template functions from html templatingBrian Picciano
6 daysRemove most rendering related querying from go http handlersBrian Picciano
6 daysRender posts completely using common rendering methodsBrian Picciano
13 daysUpdate vendorsha in light of go module changeBrian Picciano
13 daysUpdate index pages with dev.mediocregopher.comBrian Picciano
13 daysMove to Picciano
2024-03-24Update contacts to include signal usernameBrian Picciano